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True but then Apocalypse and Skirmish add to the existing game while doing a mass battle game would kinda be competing against how they want you to play AoS. If Apocalypse does well then I can see them doing the same basic thing for AoS...so I guess you'd get your movement trays though I expect they'd be loose skirmish formations rather than ranked up.
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The way they want you to play AoS is to buy many models. They could easily release a 'War of the Rings' style game/expansion where you use movement trays to shift your round bases around as a group. That'd take nothing away from your ability to play the skirmish game.
Pretty much this. GW always wants you to buy more models, but I think, looking at the editions of WHFB which are still considered, it's a pretty clear case of either 6th edition, or 8th. One was smaller but easier to start, with an emphasis on the regiments rather than the heroes... and the other is huge units, over-the-top magic and heroes on giant monsters, etc.

I think stuff like WHFB6th edition should always be the 'core' game with stuff like WHFB8th as 'Apocalypse' expansion. It's clear from Kill Team and AoS Skirmish/Path to Glory, GW have worked out people don't like dropping a few hundred quid just to play immediately, but if you can ease them in with a Start! Collecting battle force with an odd character or two thrown in... then they might start adding to that.

But that's neither here nor there, it is what it is.