Long before I got into dust I used to collect WWII highly detailed "toys" from forces of valor. as it turned out that put out a companion very simple d6 based war game to go with their 1/32 scale toys. a whole 6 pages of rules including the extra rules for close combat and aircraft.

We decided to do a breakthrough mission with random game turn length with the classic minimum of 5 up to 7.

Wehrmacht side
.commander in schwimmer wagon
.XO on foot
.X2 panzer grenadier squads
.hanomag transport
.panzer IV H
.stugg III

US side
.commander in jeep
.XO on foot
.X3 rifle teams
.X2 halftrack transports
.quad .50 halftrack
.Sherman EZ8
the wehrmacht where trying to push past the US forces as the attacker in this scenario.

It started off poorly with only 1 US halftrack going down. subsequent shooting saw both the panzer IV and stuGG III horribly miss the Sherman EZ8. return fire saw the panzer IV die instantly to a critical hit and the stugg get pounded by cumulative damage.

Things looked pretty bleak after a couple turns..... but then the grenadiers turned it around. killing the crew of the second halftrack, destroying the quad .50 with a rifle grenade and picking off a few infantry.

By the last turn (6) I had managed to assault the Sherman doing movement and crew damage while eliminating all dismounted infantry. then something silly happened I lost all my commanders so nobody could advance or be rallied, my last rifleman panicked and fell back. I as in a pickle-MP40s can't hurt a Sherman from range, and I could not charge the tank again without a commander so I did a hail mary and lobbed a rifle grenade into the Sherman from the guy who fell back....killing the rest of the crew, so I won...sorta. in reality the exchange would have been seen as in favor to the US forces. the loss of 2 vital tanks/tanks destroyer was not a fair trade for a Sherman and some halftracks.