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Thread: Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom

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    Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's sprinkle some gold into the world of the Ninth Age. Glittering gold.

    Eastmost of the three great Dwarven Holds of the White Mountains in Vetia, we find Nevaz Derom. Given its location, which corresponds to the Carpathians of Europe, I propose that the Dwarves of Nevaz Derom and all her daughter holds in the area be based on ancient Dacians. This historical people were famous for their gold mines, their mountain fortresses, their curved falx swords, their wolf-topped draco standards and their wars against Rome which have been immortalized in Trajanus' triumphal column.

    Aesthetically, basing Nevaz Derom on ancient Dacia brings with it advantages outside the scope of the Dacian basis in and of itself: For the prevalent scale armour, high helmets and curved swords all nods to the Infernal Dwarves farther east, which ought to suit the easternmost of the three great Dwarven Holds in Vetia. It also give a good excuse for wolf pelts and fangs, and lupine iconography in the Dwarves' handicraft designs. Moreover, with ancient Dacia being stylistically influenced by the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world, we find here - if anywhere - a decent Dwarf culture candidate to feature designs reminiscent of the ancient (or mediaeval) Roman Empire, particularly given Nevaz Derom's close proximity to Avras. As with the proposed Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts) and the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians), Nevaz Derom is fully a part of the Vetian Dwarves' world of shared high technology, and moreover Nevaz Derom would be a bustling industrial centre of science and invention in its own right unlike the two mentioned peripheral regions. So its arsenal would be the standard Dwarven Hold one.

    And of course, Nevaz Derom would be famous for its gold mines and its goldsmiths, and its people and warriors would sport plenty of golden art about their persons.

    Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal.

    Reference images:

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    Re: Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom

    Dînadan on Deviantart this proposal to share, which makes a lot of sense given Nevaz Derom's proximity to Avras:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dinadan-Ermorfea
    One idea - how about instead of wolves they use something like moles or other such subterranean creatures in their iconography?

    Not up on 9th Age lore, but does there exist the same animosity between dwarves and ratmen as between WH Dwarfs and Skaven? Maybe they could even be ratman pelts?
    While Mercenary Armies on T9A had this to share. Seeker nest like Karak Kadrin ahoy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercenary Armies
    I wrote this about Nevaz Derom

    "4. The Gates of Nevaz Derom

    The old great iron eastern gates of the white mountains are still able to protect the Nevaz Derom pass and access to the heart of the territories of the strongholds.

    At the time of their construction, the gates were able to open mechanically and were heavily armed. Despite the extraordinary structural defense, the gates fell against the astuteness of the Rat Legions. The gates serve as a wall and fortress, no longer moving, and as a stronghold of the Path of Revenge, the famous crested dwarf brotherhood."

    . it fits with a Dacian style, defeated by romans / rats legions.
    for me is a good starting point. we should try to find a name and a good bg for characters. Decebalo but dwarvish version.

    the Path of Revenge is a project to make an army out of Fireslayers/Seekers
    While Thunderförge on Bugman's Brewery had this idea:

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderförge
    I wonder if the concave blade could be applied to an axe in the Dacian style? Like back to back crescent moons with a handle?
    I’ve always considered that axes are such a deep part of dwarf psyche that they transgress cultural stylings.

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