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Thread: Mars Axis Pattern Storm Chimera Tutorial

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    Mars Axis Pattern Storm Chimera Tutorial

    A couple days ago I tried redesigning my half track chimeras and it came out pretty good. I was able to repeat the process 2 more times and take pictures along the way to try to help any who might be interested in giving it a try. DISCLAIMER: I am not a precision builder and my methods probably don't make much sense. I did try to give good measurements. Worst case use my pics as a guide and feel free to depart from the instructions as you see fit, my magos has fulfilled his quota requirements and doesn't give a damn. The plastic card I use is 0.030 I wouldn't go thinner, as it help gives the model a lot of its structural support.I use loctite super glue, it holds and dries fast for my needs but I can break it when I mess up (I've tear things apart and rebuild them a lot!) The fumes can melt your contacts FYI.

    Dimensions: extreme length 5.5", width 2.75", height to hull top (not gun shield) 2".

    These are all the pieces you will need for the base hull. The OOP rear hatch isnt necessary, I just use it because I like to have the door open and close. The OOP track wheels are pretty important, trying other tracks might effect the scale alignment of these plans. Those are wheels from the ridge runner, you only need halves.

    Cut the back of the forward hull off.

    Now make the forward hull flush.

    Prep the bottom hull.

    Make 2x overhead supports with the rod.
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