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I though radiation could turn your skin red (as it's somewhat the same as sunburn).
Well yes, that's what sunburn is.

But when you are exposed to the sun, you know it. You can feel it. Same as with other sources of intense heat. You can even get a "tan" from them if it's intense enough.

The firefighters had to face both lots of radiation and intense heat, but all the bleeding and morphing into aliens stuff was just to use up the f/x budget.

What makes radiation scary is that you don't see those kinds of obvious effects and the consequences tend to be years in the making as cancer rates increase. The flip side of that is that it isn't as immediately lethal as black lung or a chemical spill.

Also, nuclear reactors can't turn into atomic bombs. Impossible. They can explode do to other factors, in which case they are "dirty bombs" that spread radioactive material, but the notion that Reactor Four would go up in a giant mushroom cloud was pure fantasy.

Since most of the show didn't dwell on this stuff, I didn't mind so much.