Thanks Codsticker,

Next up was the gang box portion.

I started by sawing through the extensions until I had a nice rectangular box. This took so long that I decided not to complete the job by sanding the top flat. Instead I decided to use some of the plastic detail and incorporate it. So some old Rhino hatches became building hatches.

Then I added old railings to three sides of the top deck.

Now the one short side I was placing railing was too long for one and two short for two, but I had a plan for that.

Then for an access door I used a Rhino top hatch.

Then flanked it with two plastic close pegs. Which conveniently filed the two gaps in my railing.

I then prepared the other end for the water filter using some old scrap plastic. I just wanted the transition to look a little more realistic than just slapping the filter onto the back of the gang box.

Added more up on the deck and sanded it to match the curve of the filter.

Then with some drywall plugs I dry-fitted the filter to the gang box.

Not before starting to add some bling to the sides of the gang box and some lights for the filter.

More to come.

The long painting and converting war continues...