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The colours are great Capt. Really harkens back to the good ol' days.
Thanks Codsticker.
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I came for the terrain yet ended up looking at bare-chested dudes with nipple rings. False advertisement!

I am intrigued by the rust effect on the earlier buildings. Is that some specialized product or is there a home-baked way to achieve this look? I only dabble on the fantasy side of things but, after recently starting a vampire counts army, realized I need to up my corroded metal game.

Sorry about that, there will be another post of those bare-chested fellows when I finish the two Juves. After that it will be back to scratch-built buildings again.

I use Macharius Solar Orange "Foundation paint", which because it is a foundation you can add brown washes or plain water to it, to do some thinning and pull the rust out from the first application. In the really shaded areas I apply it straight on so you can see it.

More to come.