Just a few pictures and a short report.

Did an invasion mission against my buddies werewolf themed list. his army was a lot faster than mine(oh the joy of khador's MOV of 4)) I managed to keep him down to 2 points on turn 2 but I utterly failed to do anything worthwhile with my gun carriage most of his turn focused on killing my devastator, it took 3 of his 4 warbeasts to put down the jack since it was still closed. I also lost the gun carriage. by the end of turn 3 I had only managed to kill a solo, a skin walker and a single warp wolf. technically the game was over at this point since we were rusty on the rules we thought we had to go to the end of turn 4 but as it happens the first person to get a 5 point lead wins.....so playing the 4th turn I lost a manOwar solo and took some jack damage to a spriggan and behemoth. as a last ditch effort I focused every shot I had on his war caster and just managed to kill here with the last shot from my second manOwar solos slug cannon.

So even though it was technically not a win according to the points system by turn 4 the circle forces broke and ran...so we all know khador was truly victorious in the end...as it should be!