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Thread: DUST battlefield/1947 armored warfare

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    DUST battlefield/1947 armored warfare

    One of our players has just gotten into dust and wanted to try out an axis armored walker list so he borrowed a bunch my stuff with one proxy AA walker and I set up a counter allied force.

    we decided to switch to a war torn urban setting.

    I won the roll for first turn but the way dust works with alternating activation and initiative rolls for the start of each turn it wasn't that big of a thing...especially when you miss your most important shots early on :P

    Dust without infantry support goes quickly as vehicles can only get a cover save.. and when you have phasers that ignore cover it become brutal when you hit things.

    That said german lasers are no joke either, he axis started out strong dropping 2 of my 3 US heavy walkers right away. my rocket pack/fist rangers got revenge by punching some planes and his AA walker before finally being gunned down. putting hurt on 2 of them and killing one.

    By the end I was down to a single walker, command squad and command tank. he had 1 plane, aa walker, command squad w/command tank.

    the problem was his AA could not hurt my tank so I killed his plane and ended the game there. it was a fast but brutal game going 5 turn and leaving us both with the same number of units alive.

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    Re: DUST battlefield/1947 armored warfare

    So if you can't play why don't you use the helper programs that help you in shooting?

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