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I like that T80. Is it going to be for one country or general use by any non-western power?
Historically the T80U was only in Soviet inventories. As far as I’ve been able to determine they only exported the T72, T62, and T55. Especially in this timeline.

My plan is to build formations built around the various tanks. The Class A units will have T80U and T64. Class B will be T72. Class C T62. And Class D will be T55. So with just Soviet forces this project will go on for quite a while. With a little luck the ANZAC will be finished early next year. Only need a couple of Scorpion/Scimitar kits, as well as one more M113 T50 box, a Huey box and that’ll be all. From there I plan to “concentrate “ on the Volksarmee along with the Americans.