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Thread: 12th ANZAC and other TY project log

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    Re: 12th ANZAC and other TY project log

    A few years ago I saw a video where Raytheon is offering a SLEP for the aging M60 Pattonís of the world. So I got to thinking, I know not the most efficient use of my time, how could I model this. Well here we go to see how it turns out. I know itís way off the time frame for TY but itís gonna be fun.

    I started with the M60 Pattonís that come with the 2 player starter box. I had extra bazooka skirts from the Challengers, because I built mine with ROMAR, so added them. The Abrams kit comes with either the 105mm or 120mm gun so using the 120mm, as Raytheon did, a few Abrams will be IPM1s. Then cut off the smoke launchers and added bustle racks used for M1 turrets. So far so good. Gotta dig through my bitz and see what else will work.
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