Coming from Fantasy originally, campaigns were a popular way to play WFB. My experience is through three campaigns, and I always wanted to do more if I had the chance. I particularly liked Map campaigns as they had a bit more strategy behind them than just moving from one game to the next, and the games seemed to matter more.

While I have been involved in 40K since the 5th edition, I have not seen much of anything about campaigns, and perhaps one guy who talked about playing a campaign. Since there was no real world wide campaign like we had with the "Eye of Terror,"(I think that it was a 40K campaign, feel free to correct me) I was not expecting anything big like that, but I am rather surprised that in 10 years I have not even heard of someone trying to organize one. Maybe it is just bad luck on my part, but personally I can envision a campaign in 40K. However, I wanted to ask about the experience that people had with playing a campaign in 40K. Mainly my questions boil down to the line of:

How was the campaign organized?(map, tree, latter, multiplayer, one on one, etc.)

What happened in the campaign?

What did you think of it?

Anything that would make it better?

Honestly any general thoughts on 40k and campaigns is what I am looking for. It may be that 40K is not as conducive to a campaign as WFB was, though I would hope not.