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    Much like the Battle Companies of the Dark Angels, the Battle Orders of the Angels of Vengeance fight in the name of the Emperor, the Primarch, and Humanity. Each Battle-Brother utterly dedicated to their Chapter, conducting themselves with conviction and heroism on battlefields across the galaxy.

    If the Battle Companies of the Dark Angels are likened to the foundations of some great keep, the Battle Orders of the Angels of Vengeance are the leading edge of some monstrous black blade, cutting a path through the enemies of Humanity for all those who follow behind them. Any and all of the 3rd to 15th Orders can be a Battle Order at any one time, and stand at the forefront of the Angels of Vengeance's many Campaigns and Crusades. At initial deployment, an Order designated as a Battle Order will be comprised of anywhere between one-hundred-and-fifty to two-hundred Battle-Brothers. Upwards of two-thirds of this number will be made up of fresh Initiates, Battle-Brothers who have newly completed their initial instruction period under the tutelage of the Order's many Sergeants. Though skilled, these Initiates are without real battle experience, and many of their number will fall before a crusade's end, and those who survive will be forged anew by each battle until finally, these surviving, battle-hardened Initiates are deemed worthy of being inducted into one of the Order's Warden squads. These Warden squads make up the majority of the remaining third of an Order's forces are battle-hardened veterans, each one having honed their mastery of war for dozens of standard years. In battle, each Warden squad will be given almost free reign over their section of the battlefield, their squad Sergeant relaying and overseeing commands to any nearby Initiate squads, all the while, the roar of their specialist and heavy weaponry bellows above the din of battle.

    Each Order outside the 1st and 2nd Order also retains a complement of Battle-Brothers who stand above even the battle-hardened veterans of the Warden squads. Clad in swirling robes, faces shadowed by deep cowls, squads of these Angels of Vengeance are a sinister sight to behold upon the field of battle. Each is a specialist in their own right, either a master of long-ranged firefights, vicious, swirling close-quarters combat, or a strategically versatile mix of both. These experienced warriors form into tight-knit elite squads, fighting wordlessly, with surety and mutual trust guiding their bolts and blades. However, it is their relentless and unshakable approach to battle that elevates these warriors above their peers.

    To ensure mobility and support, each Battle Order will preserve enough Rhino and Razorback APCs to transport all of their Battle-Brothers into combat, while their Crusade Fleet carries sufficient Drop Pods for them to execute a full atmospheric assault whenever required. In addition, each Battle Order is also supported by elements from the Librarius, Apothecarion, Reculsiam, and Armoury, and accompanied by their honoured Dreadnought brothers. Finally, above all of this stands an Order Paladin. At first glance, his duty is to lead and command his brothers in the defense of Humanity. In reality, however, the Order Paladin must remain constantly vigilant, using every means at his disposal to locate members of the Fallen, and ready to take up the hunt at a moments notice.


    On occasions, a detachment of a Battle Order may be deployed separately. In these circumstances, the command of these War Companies will fall to a Voted-Lieutenants, known as a Company Captain. These Battle-Brothers are elected by their peers rather than being nominated for the rank by a superior officer. Upon promotion to this position, a Company Captain will nominate a successor chosen to command the War Company in the event of their untimely death, so as not to interrupt the cohesiveness of a War Company's command structure. Throughout the Chapter, these Voted-Lieutenants are seen as special officers within the Angels of Vengeance, who not only act as both commanders of their own War Company but often serve as a counsel to both their Order's Paladin, as well as their Chapter Master.

    The actual structure of these War Companies varies greatly from deployment to deployment and commander to commander, with some being as small in size as forty Battle-Brothers, while others are as massive as one-hundered-and-ten Battle-Brothers and all their additional support. Due to this, it is not unheard of for a single Order to maintain several Strike Cruisers or Vanguard Cruisers in addition to one of the Chapter's many Battle Barges.


    Often, even in the face of overwhelming odds, the Angels of Vengeance will refuse to re-deploy, fighting stubbornly on, and frequently emerging from the fires of battle having sustained enormous losses, but having earned such victories as lesser warriors could only dream of.

    Due to this inflexible refusal to accept that any foe is their equal, a Battle Order will often suffer severe losses as a crusade progresses, to the point that the Order can no longer raise and train new recruits fast enough, even with the Chapter's vast network of Keeps and recruitment worlds. Once a Battle Order has been reduced to a state where it can no longer operate efficiently or effectively the Order's Paladin will almost always relinquish his command over the current crusade, either handing it off to a nearby Battle Order or Reserve Order. Once this handoff has been completed, the Order will now, in effect, become a new Reserve Order, its resources focused on recruiting and resupplying their forces, while also aiding in the support of any nearby Battle Orders' Crusades.

    It is with pride and determination that the Paladins of the Reserve Orders do their duty. To them falls the task of maintaining the Chapter's strength, training and readying Battle-Brothers in vast quantities. It is a rare and dreadful day that sees a Reserve Order deployed in full against Humanity's foes. More commonly, a detachment of Battle-Brothers under the command of a Company Captain will be seconded to a Battle Order's Crusade. Here they take the place of squads who have fallen in battle or have been rotated out to debrief, rearm, and redeploy elsewhere. The Space Marines of these Reserve Orders must, therefore, stand at the peak of readiness, prepared to integrate seamlessly with whichever Order the join.

    Unlike the Reserve Companies of other Chapters, these Reserve Orders do not have their own area of specialism and expertise. They do, however, carry many distinct and archaic rituals, rites, and traditions, each unique to the Order in question. This has lead to the strange practice of not promoting Battle-Brothers across companies, with any warriors seconded to another Order returning to their original Order at a Crusade's completion. The exceptions to this, of course, being both the Dreadwing and Raptorwing, who - with few exceptions - solely recruit seasoned veterans and honoured heroes from the other Orders.


    The Dreadwing are the Angels of Vengeance's 1st Order. Much like their elite brethren in the Deathwing, they fight exclusively in ancient suits of Terminator armour. However, unlike the bone-white armour of the Deathwing, the Dreadwing's panoply is fire-blackened and chem-scalded, signs of the abominable weaponry they bare into battle. Radiation-based weapons, bio-alchemical munitions and the burning horror of Phospex are amongst the components that comprise the Dreadwing's dark arsenal - weapons which irrevocably taint the ground on which they are used. Equipped with, and expert in the use of these otherwise proscribed, and forbidden weaponry, they are their Chapter's ultimate weapon, used to defeat the worst foes faced on the battlefield. The fact that the Angels of Vengeance can deploy any of these relic-weapons at all, let alone in numbers they do, speaks volumes of the depth and breadth of horrible secrets and shadowy agreements the Chapter maintains.

    Although no one can deny the effectiveness of the Dreadwing and their foul weapons of mass destruction, the Battle-Brothers who comprise the Dreadwing are often shunned by the Astartes of other Chapters, even members of the Unforgiven, as being somehow morally or dishonourably tainted. This has led to them often being deployed only when there seems to be no other way to destroy the enemy, their appearance on the battlefield striking fear into all who oppose them. Just the whispers of the Dreadwing's name is enough to quell rebellions and put foes to flight.

    However, the true drawback of these tactics is the inevitable physical toll using such deadly weaponry takes on a Battle-Brother's body. Despite their genetically-enhanced Astartes physiology, members of the Dreadwing often display the physical effects of long-term use and proximity to such toxic weaponry, including: radiation-induced cellular degeneration, abnormally pale skin that displays unhealthy lightning-storms of veins and blood-bruises staining the flesh, yellowed-jaundiced eyes, and aggressive and rare forms of cancer which often result in the replacement of the affected organs with augmetic replacements.

    To become such a ghastly warrior - a dreadful specter of the Chapter's hatred - requires grim fortitude and an unbound contempt of the enemy. These warriors feel no compassion, no remorse, and no fear. Their absolute devotion to their duty leaves no room for anything but a cold and steely fanaticism, and they will advance willingly into the very maw of the Warp itself to complete their self-sacred duties.


    The Angels of Vengeance 2nd Order, known as the Raptorwing, are an oddity amongst Astartes warriors, heavily favouring the use of Cameleoline and stealth. Lurking in ambush, members of the Raptorwing may remain concealed for hours, if not days, silently awaiting their target. When finally roused into battle, however, the Outrider and Talon squads of the Raptorwing will tear forward through enemy fire, their engines roaring, carving through the enemy formations like a blade through a monster's throat, while from afar, the icily calm members of the Order's Huntsmen squads will provide covering fire, each shot placed with an artist's skill. Members of the Raptorwing are issued with bespoke ammunition for their boltguns, such as armour-piercing Kraken bolts, acid-filled hellfire rounds, or Vengeance rounds, created using unstable flux core technology that makes them hazardous to use but extremely potent at penetrating through heavily armoured targets.

    As an example, the Dreadwing itself maintains a fleet of one Strike Cruiser, three Vanguard Cruisers, and the Chapter's sole Gloriana-class Battleship, though it is a dire time indeed when all of these assets are fielded together, en-mass.

    The only reason it is possible for the Chapter to continue to field such a considerable number of spacecraft is due to the Forge Moon of Menois, which orbits the gas giant Yunus, in the far-flung outer reaches of the Chapter's home system. When the Angels of Vengeance stumbled upon the long-lost system, one of the first instances of contact was at Menois, where the Chapter's Techmarines quickly discovered failings in the forges of Menois adherence to the Cult Mechanicus stringent teachings. Instead of putting the Forge Moon to the torch, the then Chapter Master, Zylla Donyell, struck an accord with the moon's ruling Tech-priests. Chapter Techmarines would be stationed upon the Forge Moon to monitor the forge, reining in the most deviant of tech-heresies, and in exchange, the Chapter would ignore lesser infractions against the Cult Mechanicus, allowing the Chapter to gain a nearly continuous supply of spacecraft, vehicles, weapons, and armour from Menois' forges.

    (To be continued...)
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