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    Super terrain thread-

    We all know how much a great looking table really adds to the game so I though this would be a great place to share, discuss, and otherwise critique terrain.

    I am specifically looking at terrain that can be bought- complete or un-assembled, unpainted, finished etc... I already know lots of people go with DIY terrain but I am looking at products that are already available.

    To start off I have a few manufacturers that I have seen their websites but have no experience with them so feedback would be great.

    The unknowns-

    .death ray designs-these guys have the dawn of war marine buildings for 28mm gameplay

    .blueforge terrain-these guys have some complete boards and a stunning array of pieces much of it looks like wood or resin.

    .warsenal-I've got some of their custom bases the terrain likes like laser cut wood

    .secret weapon miniatures
    another site that has fantastic custom bases (I own some) with a few very nice terrain items

    The known

    .micro art studios-

    cannot say enough great things about these guys I love the custom bases but I also grabbed some of their terrain. they do laser cut but also they do hardfoam as well as resin and they have fantastic stuff for tau, elder, necrons, and chaos including buildings army specific defense walls etc....

    .ESLO hobby

    I have to admit I am addicted to these guys. a german company that does finished hand painted terrain. it is a bit spendy but the quality is worth it.

    for US residents noble knight games keeps them in stock with fast shipping at affordable rates(usually within 3 days basic shipping anywhere in the US mainland)

    -For those of you who dabble in small scale like epic 4Ok, battletech or any other game in 6mm

    .novus design studo has a limited line of buildings and ruins

    .brigade models

    These guys have a bit of everything, naval, airfields, forts, desert, tech, midevil
    there is even more items in the 6mm section as well. reasonably priced to boot.

    .vanguard miniatures who supply large parts of the epic 40K line also work in cooperation with gregsters lab for some great 40k gothic style buildings

    here is some recent images-

    The finished ESLO terrain table for dust 1947/28mm

    a mix of novus, brigade, gregsters, monster apocalypse, gale force 9 (star wars)and old(sadly out of business) JR miniature terrain for small scale.

    So here is my latest project for epic scale 40K-
    The tau city-

    buildings in 3/6/15mm from brigade miniatures, rocks from gale force 9/ESLO minatures, trees-JR minatures(no longer in business), mat-frontline gaming

    P.S.-side note of gale force 9 terrain-lovely but they keep discontinuing it after short production runs.
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