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Thread: Captain Brown's Ork Painting Log (Over 160+ Pictures)

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    Smile Captain Brown's Ork Painting Log (Over 160+ Pictures)

    Well there is a sound coming from the Eastern Fringe…it reverberates across the warp…a chant that grows louder with each passing week…
    “Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!”

    So long time readers of my other Painting Logs (Elysians, Tau, Eldar) will know I put lots of pictures in them, guides to conversions as well as seek ideas and suggestions from other contributors.

    So here is the start of my next project log, an army of Space Orks.

    I have had or shared an Ork army since 2nd Edition (actually I had about 18 Orks in Rogue Trader but we don’t talk about them much…they tended to get borrowed by a friend who used them to stomp my Imperial Guard). It has waxed and waned over that time growing in size to be as large as 3000 points and then shrinking as parts were traded or sold off.

    With the release of the previous codex my army almost disappeared completely, but a small kernel remained and they grew into a Kult of Speed Army that terrorized the local gaming groups for a few years before retiring. Now with the release of the new codex that urge to Waaagh has returned and it is time to pull out my Orks and update them for the current list.

    The first thing to identify is if any of my forces are ‘obsolete’ due to their being removed or changed…then to find where they fit in the new list. GW rarely eliminates a unit entirely; they may change it or modify it somewhat. The items in my previous list that had fallen into this ‘not legal in the new list’ was my mixed unit of Nobz, Mega-Nobz, Warboss and Gretchin; my Burnas in the ‘Ard Boyz; and my Tank Bustas.

    So this painting log will go through the transformation of my Ork army from the old codex to the new. Here are some of my existing units, and I figure now is as good a time as any to take a look at their basic paint schemes and maybe spruce them up a little.

    So here are some older photos of some of my existing units (long time members of the WPSG will recognize one or two of them).

    Truk Mob without Truk.

    Smaller Boyz Mob.

    Bike Mob.

    Old Warboss.

    You will notice a load of Gorka Morka Orks, I acquired about 30 of them with the demise of my gaming groups Gorka Morka campaign...

    Image limit reached, more to follow.

    The long painting war continues...


    Army in March 2008

    Army in April 2017

    Army is March 2019
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