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    Re: 231st Valhallan

    Hello Comrades.

    First thanks a lot for comment and encouraging!

    @ragsta: Yes, a group photo will be made as soon as I finish to paint an other Chimera and I find the time take some picture.

    Today, I'll present to you all my commissars.

    Lady first, The left is a GW limited edition for US games Day 98, the middle one is a wargame exclusive commissar and she's not naked, quite an exception for this company, the right one is Severina Raine that everybody knows.

    3 dirty old b*stards (pardon my french): these are the first commissars I bought. At least 20 years old and still kicking!

    2 versions of Yarrick. I hesitated to convert the old one, especially removing the dead rat on the bolter, but in the end, I preferred to left him in his V2 glory.

    3 new commissars.

    3 others commissars. I wanted to repaint the right one but it was so well painted that I decided not to. May he could fit in an allied or auxiliary guard.

    Cadet commissar. According to the great old ones, It was possible during V2 or Roguetrader to have some cadet commissars. I liked the idea so I made one. They can be played as a command squad for a Lord Commissar.

    No retreat, No surrender!

    So long Comrade.
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