Hello comrades.

Since I start to have a growing army, I need to have an HQ vehicle to command them all.

So I decided to do something similar to the BTR-60 PU for my command vehicle.
In case you want to know what does a BTR-60 PU look like, you can follow these links.

I started with my first version of BTR/Taurox that I printed only one time.
Final version (bottom vehicle) has an extended motor bay, some fire port have been deleted and lateral doors and driver hatch have been modified.

I added

Wire-frame antenna
Radar with mast
A hood to protect vision bloc during travel
A vision bloc
An auxiliary power unit (APU) to power all these equipment when engine is off
Battery pack to be even more discrete.

With hood removed.

A telescopic mast can elevate the vision bloc. Useful when peeping behind ruins.

Close-up view where you can see the APU and the battery rack. Wire-frame antenna is high enough to avoid blocking field of view.

All these elements are attached with Blu-tack, so I can use them to make other command vehicle, like a Chimera for example. The wire-frame antenna is specific to the chimera chassis.

So long comrades.