I’ve been busy on the infantry front as well, converting and painting well over 100 individual guardswomen, each one entirely unique in posing and styling.

Pictured here is roughly a Mountain Rifle Company, minus the support vehicles. It contains a Mortar HWT, Lascannon HWT, 3 Infantry Squads w/ flamers, 3 Infantry squads w/ plasma guns, and 3 Infantry squads with Lascannon teams and snipers. Each squad also includes a vox operator, a medic, and a bolter/chainsword sergeant. The heavily armored gas mask donning ladies to the rear of the formation are Alarian Combat Engineers, the assault specialists of the Regiment. They’re comprised of a plasma command squad and a demo pack toting special weapons squad. Better pictures taken in my lightbox to follow.

Pictured below are some of the special characters I’ve modeled/painted up, the first two being my stand in for Rein and Raus, Lt. Rita Sokolov and her dedicated spotter, Levi. I love these two. this is probably the most wholesome thing I’ve modeled for WH.

Next up is Lt. Silva of the Alarian Blackwatch. As a Mountain Recon unit, the 740th is often one of the first units to touch down during a planetary assault, making information on the local culture, terrain, and hostile force distribution especially valuable. Blackwatch troopers land days ahead of the main force, mapping out landing zones, carrying out night raids, and gathering information on the local culture and terrain. They’re capable navigators, survivalists, and fighters, operating without support and friendly contact for often weeks at a time. I’m fielding them as scions for the time being, and they’ve done well my past few games.

Finally, my eversor assassin, Larentia, or as my gaming group has taken to calling her, “Tiffany”. I’d imagine this is due to her finger blades, which I have to admit really do complete thar “freshly manicured” look. Not sure where the model is from, it was a generous gift from a friend. I’ll admit, these photos didn’t turn out as well as I’d’ve liked, and they don’t do her justice. She’s done me proud, catfighting her way through hive tyrants and chaos lords alike.