@ CDC- Thank you, I noticed that the gear matched the Valhallan in both style and layout so everything just clicked, now I have another resource to fill out the ranks.

@ Colonel Jacka- Thank you, I'm glad the conversions work as my prime goal is to keep with the Valhallan theme in all the models. Seeing the converted troopers blend in with the real deal is hugely satisfying.

Further update, I've now finished my first 3 Valhallan autocannon teams, kocking out the last major hurdle for my first 3 infantry squads

I made my own Steppe grass flock after mixing army painter static grass, GF9 dead/winter grass and GF9 dried grass. I've also added small amounts of snow, I'm looking to get a dirty early spring/late winter steppe feel for the army with mud/grass/snow mixed.

Team 1- Helmet Crew

Team 2- Bucket Crew

Team 3- Boards Crew

I'm working on the bases for the infantry squads, I should have a platoon shot before the end of the weekend.

After that it a squad of 3 Mortar teams and a squad of 3 Lascannon teams, which will round out the first Valhallan Battalion.

Please let me know what you think -T