Hi All,

I jumped into the 3D printing world almost a year ago. I was waiting like many to get a quality FDM printer down into the affordable range. I started out with an A8 clone kit that I built myself and I wholeheartedly recommend it to learn all about the details of the mechanics of 3D printers. After a lot of forum searches, videos, tweaks, I was able to get my A8 printing pretty good. I have a designed game (Cavern Quest Warriors) that I decided to print all of the minis (28mm-32mm for standard sizes) and terrain for 4 box sets for personal and family use. So, I decided to upgrade my printer and went with the Creality Ender 3 Pro, which is right around the $200 range.

There are certainly other printers out there that do as good of a job or better, but I was simply amazed at the level of quality I was getting out of the box with standard .4 nozzle and .1 layer settings. At some point I will go with a .2 nozzle and .06 layer, but these have proven more than adequate for now without taking days to print. Resin printers are certainly better in details, just quite a bit more expensive to buy and run along with other messy issues.

There is still the clean up to do on the prints below, as there are a few specks and blobs to remove and you have to be a little creative on planning and placing your supports, but these have really come out well IMHO. I have printed over 100 minis and 120 pieces of terrain and I am only about 1/3 the way through my project. Every single .stl file I have found has been from Thingiverse.com and it has never failed to provide almost anything I need.

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And here are some Orcs that I shrunk to use as Goblins - these are about 22mm tall.

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Anyone else have some good minis they printed they would like to share?