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Thread: 28mm ECW/Medieval Terrain

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    Re: 28mm ECW/Medieval Terrain

    Good work Codsticker.

    Interesting idea to replace the windows.


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    Re: 28mm ECW/Medieval Terrain

    Several years ago a buddy of mine left me a few things before he passed away; one of them being a small cottage. The basic structure is just card and balsa wood on a thin card base:

    I used it as a basis for trying out a couple of techniques. One was old towel for the thatch and the other was wood filler for the daub.

    Although I am very pleased with the thatch I think there is more experimentation required to get the effect I am after with the wood filler as daub.

    The base colour of the wood filler was a little too light and in the end it looks a bit too "painted" if that makes any sense.

    As they would often colour the daub with ox blood we'll just go with that...

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    Re: 28mm ECW/Medieval Terrain

    I think it looks awesome. The texture between the wooden beams is just right in my opinion. The background looks great too!

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