It is the 30th millennium and gods of war stride the galaxy like titans

the emperor of man leads his forces of imperial army and space marines to cleanse the galaxy of the xenos threat-

But what trickery is this you say? a tau sept world overrun with 6,000 points of tyranids facing off against the luna wolves, the sons of sanguinius and the imperial army led by the emperor himself?

The warp has no end to it's trickery.

So we were planning on fighting orks in a re-do of the ullanor campaign, but nobody hadthat many orks so we ended up facing tyranids instead.

We had 1 player with all his nids VS 4 players with 1,500 points each
the loyalist luna wolves led by loken with a spartan and some 30K era tanks and a bunch of tactical marines, imperial militias with a baneblade, mortar teams and some leman russes, a horde of jumping blood angels, and of course the emperor and his retinue.

Since this was a silly fun game using rules found from 3rd edition(the emperor) we allowed the nid player to use the old doom of malan'tai rules and all the nids were based on the 5th ed book with the upgrades being applied to 7th edition models (synapse being eternal warriors, monsterous creatures having access to extra toughness, wounds, BS, WS etc..).

We only ended up going 2 turns sadly as the luna wolves and imperial army players needed to leave.

At the time it ended the blood angels had just arrived and crushed a horde of gene stealers, however the tyranids were in the lead having eaten a bunch of imperial militiamen and a luna wolves tank in the previous turn. now they were in the teeth of the imperial force.

Perhaps someday we will revisit this battle but for now we have pictures

Imperial forces of the great crusade-

The starting table

the first turn

the second turn