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Thread: Tutorial: Candles

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    Tutorial: Candles

    In February, on my blog the DansE MacabrE blog, I published a tutorial in which I showed you how to make candles with a toothpick, copper wire and Wikol glue. The guide can be found HERE.

    However, today I have for you another way to make candles.

    The idea is not mine, some time ago I saw a short photo tutorial on the AlienLAB Creator, site, and while building the Grimnir Monument to Warheim FS I decided to try this way to make several candles of different sizes.

    To make candles you will need multi-stranded electric wires, rather thin ones, and several thicknesses will add variety to the final effect.

    Depending on your needs, cut the wires to the length you want, in my case it was about 10 mm.

    Then strip the insulation from the wires approximately 1/3 of the length and twist the wires of the wire like a candle wick.

    Now you have new candles or dynamite sticks.

    If you need burned candles, use Wikol glue to make the flowing wax. Apply a wood glue with a thin pin or the tip of a paper clip to the candles and around the base, and after drying you will get the effect of solidified wax. Leave the candles to dry for several minutes.

    And it's ready.

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    Re: Tutorial: Candles

    Great tip, thanks =)

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    Re: Tutorial: Candles

    Nice and clear images to show what to do, a good tutorial.
    my general project thread

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