Inspired by Snipe & Wib's look into Laserburn I have found myself drifting once again towards Necromunda. I've been looking into the classic game and the Community Edition but I have also started wondering again how the modern iteration is doing.

So with current Necromunda now 3 years is it?

It looks like the original gangs have been all released and some even have their own 'army' books, for some reason. I find it odd still that there don't seem to be any Juves or Ratskin Scouts yet as both were iconic in the original game.

I never dove in the end...I think I might have bought a sprue of Escher at some point but they sat in a box till I sold them. Now I find myself tempted to grab an original copy of the rules and give them a try...maybe with classic minis or maybe with new ones. I'm also a little tempted to try a 40k shoot out between some marines & guardians using the classic rules...but time as ever is short...

Anyway before I go off on one I'd just like to ask if anyone is playing it and if it's any good or not? Are the minis good? Easy to build & convert? Is there much different between the original and the new version? Are the rules still spread all over the place?

Many thanks!