Returning to the topic of speculating potential armies in the old world... Assuming that GW may want to honor its previous backstory, the High Elves had mega wars with the dwarfs in the old world, during which, these elves had numerous footholds throughout the old world. For instance, a Kislev coastal city was founded by the Helves. My point is that the expatriate Helves can be present for battle, even though their original homeland is not on the lovely map.

In earlier posts, there was some question about Estalia. LetÂ’s not forget that Estalia was represented in Dogs of War. Not all of the units were Tilean. For instance, the lost legion which was equipped with both pikes and crossbows were clearly Estalian. My wishlisting is that Dogs of War make a similar return, in that Estalia and Tilea can each make respectable lists, and the oddball regiments of renown like Beorg bearstruck, or armored Orcs with crossbows can be forgotten (as Chaos and O&G will already be supported) so that there can be room in the big new warehouse for what we really want: Kislev.

Within the new rulebook(s),I merely suspect that a major goal of GW is to 1) Reboot their classic fluff for a new generation of players, if they haven’t already been exposed to it via the successful video games, (this would keep the purists happy too) and 2) to make the game less complex and faster — to be much more like Kings of War. Simpler rules means more interested (younger) players typically. Purists can stick with 8th edition or 9th age rules, while buying GW’s models, as purists (as well as noobs) still love the fluff of the Old World.