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Thread: Old World will Officially live again!

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    Re: Old World will Officially live again!

    It is not. Look I know what I'm talking about (3d used to be my job, see), and you're just taking guesses.
    Honestly I could circle all the points where the seemingly identical chestplates or bones or whatever are different if you zoom in a little (a clue: zoom anywhere and you'll see minute differences, and I'm not talking about an added scratch), but I can't be bothered, since you could do it yourself. You seem to think meshes magically conform to the modelers wishes. They do not. You can't click the "generate procedural mail" button and have it magically flow along the thighs and loinclothes and whatnot. Look at your beltbuckle bones, and how they're all not exactly stuck at the exact tenth of milimeter of the star behind them if they were all copy/pasted, for instance, since you picked that as your example. Also look at how there's not two bones alike. The mails are sculpted as a "slick" surface, like everything else, and then they most likely used a "mail brush" to paint the relief over it, if you're curious about such things. They're certainly not proceduraly generated or whatever weird notion you might have of 3D (I think I can picture what you have in mind, and that's awefully complicated and inefficient, and makes any later touch up hell, with all those little 3D rings that obviously don't even exist on the miniature anyway, it's just a wavy form). The plates are probably easier to redo every time (if it's made anything like I'd do it with Zbrush or Mudbox) than going through the pain of taking the model, trying to morph it slightly to make it look different, make it conform to a new chest (no "grow boobs" button either, I'm afraid), and adjust everywhere where it now clips or is badly deformed.
    They all look the same because it's the theme of the band, I suppose. They all have a chaos star-ring with a bone over it because it's a symbol of their band, I suppose. But it's not copy/paste (unlike old metals, might I add?)

    I can't believe I have to defend minis I don't even like.
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