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Thread: Old World will Officially live again!

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    Re: Old World will Officially live again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Star View Post
    Which I respect Mr Priestly, but I do have a hard time believing the Horus Heresy should be as unknown as some people make out...
    I kind of agree. I don't know how such a galaxy-shattering event would be shrouded in mystery. It's not like it was a covert event, it was a war that spanned the entire Milky Way, and has triggered events that still threaten the very existence of everybody, with people who were around back then and still do mass massacre up to this point. You can have mysteries all over the place, but that one? Not so convinced.

    Quote Originally Posted by Commissar von Toussaint View Post
    I think 6th ed. WHFB was closer than 5th in making the fluff attainable on the tabletop, but 6th also revamped the fluff, creating new lists and units while obliterating others (R.I.P. Reiksguard...)
    6th ed? I have to disagree. 6th ed is the one that did poorest. That's the edition where chaos warriors got one attack, gors lost a wound, where many iconic units got simply removed (as you pointed out. Reiksguard? Let's also talk about spider riders, khorngors and so on. Let's talk about chaos dwarves and dogs of war. Let's talk about 70% of the special characters and monster mounts cut away) and so on. 8th ed imho is the one. You got super elite warriors that really wasted the enemy, but also on the other hand it is also the only edition, I insist, the only one, that made rabble viable, where you can have a game where a handful elites dive deep down, laying waste to an never ending wave of gobs or skeletons. Any other edition, either the elite would kill three gobs a turn, or the gobs would tail at the first lost combat round. It's also the edition that really brought back viable sieges, fun expensions, old time, forgotten monsters (Zoats???).
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