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I mean that is a fair way's back, before 2nd edition I wouldn't really class 40K as being the same beast, what with it's weirdness...

Which I respect Mr Priestly, but I do have a hard time believing the Horus Heresy should be as unknown as some people make out... we have characters 'alive' who where there. It must be hard for someone to write the POV of Abaddon the Despoiler, Kharn the Betrayer, Fabius Bile, etc for being post-human warriors who escaped into literal hell after the conflict, without adding the Horus Heresy as a hazy collection of events. "But they're all Chaos Space Marines, their viewpoints are subjective and highly suspect" - then we'll wake up Bjorn the Fell-Handed, etc.

End of the day, GW says it all is and isn't canon, if you see a bit you don't like, feel free to ignore it. They, for example, are sticking to their guns and refusing to touch upon the two Missing Legions, while ignoring the fact they were left blank so a hobbyist could make their own. So even though they're fleshing out the Horus Heresy, they still insist if you wanted your own Legion to be lurking around then, you're fine to do so.
Memory is very much fallible and with these characters living countless human lifetimes their 'memories' would be a pale reflection of what actually happened. There was a great little short story once where a chaos marine was sat on his throne and looking back at some of his memories...he was picking and choosing which one to hold onto and which to forget; one particular memory he decided to keep was how he lost his arm and 'the gods' favoured him with a new one.

When 2nd ed started I think it was just the Emperor and a few primarchs that were still alive and none were active. The inclusion of these Special Characters is one of those little decisions made at the time that would grow to what it is today; the problem with such creations is that GW and the fans are too invested for them to die...now we have these massive characters stomping about...I can see why these minis are so popular but its not for me and I think this is one of my biggest dislikes about AoS, that gods now walk the earth.

I know I could pick and choose what I like about both 40k and AoS but with me liking less and less...what's the point?

Having said all this I still feel invested enough to keep an eye on things...that seems to be the main part of my GW hobby nowadays.

So back to the new WOW I hope they don't try to fill in all the details and I hope we don't end up with all-powerful beings stomping about as the writers congratulate themselves on "the best version of the game EVER!"