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So back to the new WOW I hope they don't try to fill in all the details and I hope we don't end up with all-powerful beings stomping about as the writers congratulate themselves on "the best version of the game EVER!"
To be fair, that was the direction GW always seems to be heading... even ignoring Age of Sigmar, remember the Storm of Magic?

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ANyway, back to WoW (it never ceases to amuse me), for now, what I really want to know is what they're going to decide with the bases. I still have swathes of minis to build and paint, and I have no idea what it's going to be, and that's VERY annoying.
I'd suggest squares if you're really undecided. You can still play AoS with them, and even if WOW is a bust, I'm sure you can use them in another rank-and-flank game?