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Thread: Old World will Officially live again!

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    Re: Old World will Officially live again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Joe View Post
    So here is my prediction: Sigmar gets pushed back and needs more souls. He will work some magic on the old world and he gains access. Then he sends in the Stormcast to cleanse it from chaos and bam there you go old world is back on the table for fights. No need to redo old factions, just reuse the setting. Much cheaper and you can keep it at one product line. Introduce square unit trays and all that was promised was delivered. Squares are back.
    And they need at least two years to do that? Also, how would that be a new game? That'd just be a AoS armaggedon book. Finally, would they not call it Age of Sigmar: Old World? Pretty sure you're wrong. Remember? the world is destroyed in AoS. It's not overrun by Chaos, it's gone. Its core floats above whatever place Sigmars sits in as a moon. I dunno much about AoS lore, but I doubt Sigmar can recreate worlds out of nothingness.

    And the best thing about it: old players must buy the new miniatures to even have a chance at winning. The new chaos warriors are huge compared to the old ones, get the new toys!
    You got a source for that? I've looked for size comparison pics and found none. On the other hand they say they fit right in with the old ones and are good to combine with them on GW's website, so, maybe you're right, but I'd like more than wild assumptions.
    As for scale creep, I don't see it. Sure we have new big things (but they're new, they're not old but rescaled), but the new dwarfs, goblins, ghost things, etc, they're all the same scale as 8th ed. I got a few of those new clockwork dwarfs that apparently got lost in a lot of greenskins I bought, and they're like lightly armored dwarfs would be compared to my irondrakes, so a smidge smaller, certainly not bigger. The scale of the regular individuals themselves has not changed a bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Joe View Post
    The major positive thing here most keep forgetting is that you can play in the old world right now, enough options out there with the most obvious one being to use your old books. Why wait and hype 3 years for "something"? Go and just have fun now.
    Dunno about you, but I've grown older. As much as I enjoy playing 8th ed, my available time for that has shrinked like a river troll's skin under Khemri's sun. I'd gladly welcome something fast like AoS, but with rank and file.
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