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Thread: Old World will Officially live again!

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    Re: Old World will Officially live again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Joe View Post
    So here is my prediction: Sigmar gets pushed back and needs more souls. He will work some magic on the old world and he gains access. Then he sends in the Stormcast to cleanse it from chaos and bam there you go old world is back on the table for fights. No need to redo old factions, just reuse the setting. Much cheaper and you can keep it at one product line. Introduce square unit trays and all that was promised was delivered. Squares are back. And the best thing about it: old players must buy the new miniatures to even have a chance at winning. The new chaos warriors are huge compared to the old ones, get the new toys!
    ... but if the God-King Sigmar sends his Stormcast Eternals back in time to the World-That-Was before the End Times, if they destroy Chaos/stop Archaon, that means the Old World won't be drawn into the Immaterium by the Old Ones' corrupted gates... which means Sigmar won't become an Ascended God (compared to the Warp's Elemental Gods), and won't create the Stormcast Eternals... but if the Stormcast Eternals don't exist, then they could never go back in time and space to the World-That-Was and - why can I hear Tzeentch giggling beyond the barrier of reality?

    Edit: Also, I don't think the new Chaos Warriors have better rules than the 'old' ones which marched across the Old World in lock-step... could be wrong but I haven't seen any hint of a new warscroll...

    PS: Which will make it more amusing when someone pits them against the Stormcast Eternals expecting newer is better and realizes that one-for-one the lightning, golden boys are slightly better at what the Chaos Warriors do... but that's situational.
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