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And they need at least two years to do that? Also, how would that be a new game? That'd just be a AoS armaggedon book. Finally, would they not call it Age of Sigmar: Old World? Pretty sure you're wrong. Remember? the world is destroyed in AoS. It's not overrun by Chaos, it's gone. Its core floats above whatever place Sigmars sits in as a moon. I dunno much about AoS lore, but I doubt Sigmar can recreate worlds out of nothingness.

You got a source for that? I've looked for size comparison pics and found none. On the other hand they say they fit right in with the old ones and are good to combine with them on GW's website, so, maybe you're right, but I'd like more than wild assumptions.
As for scale creep, I don't see it. Sure we have new big things (but they're new, they're not old but rescaled), but the new dwarfs, goblins, ghost things, etc, they're all the same scale as 8th ed. I got a few of those new clockwork dwarfs that apparently got lost in a lot of greenskins I bought, and they're like lightly armored dwarfs would be compared to my irondrakes, so a smidge smaller, certainly not bigger. The scale of the regular individuals themselves has not changed a bit.

Dunno about you, but I've grown older. As much as I enjoy playing 8th ed, my available time for that has shrinked like a river troll's skin under Khemri's sun. I'd gladly welcome something fast like AoS, but with rank and file.
Time and attention is free damage to competition, the development cycle is rumored to be 2 years for even the most simplest of releases anyhow. Big companies are slow.

Link to see that they are Stormcast size and the one on the beasty is ogre size. DOn't get me wrong, this is the right way for GW to catch " oldtimers".
Those 8th dwarves are 32mm scale, not 28mm scale. I have one unit of irondrakes and they are taller. They are quite a bit taller (relatively), not just beefier. Just look at what is sold and how it is marketed. Every army will have a general on monster of similar size and look soon (check link, the bone samurai also have one).

And we only disagree on the game.

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... but if the God-King Sigmar sends his Stormcast Eternals back in time to the World-That-Was before the End Times, if they destroy Chaos/stop Archaon, that means the Old World won't be drawn into the Immaterium by the Old Ones' corrupted gates... which means Sigmar won't become an Ascended God (compared to the Warp's Elemental Gods), and won't create the Stormcast Eternals... but if the Stormcast Eternals don't exist, then they could never go back in time and space to the World-That-Was and - why can I hear Tzeentch giggling beyond the barrier of reality?

Edit: Also, I don't think the new Chaos Warriors have better rules than the 'old' ones which marched across the Old World in lock-step... could be wrong but I haven't seen any hint of a new warscroll...

PS: Which will make it more amusing when someone pits them against the Stormcast Eternals expecting newer is better and realizes that one-for-one the lightning, golden boys are slightly better at what the Chaos Warriors do... but that's situational.
The old world is at the core of his realm is it not? It has all souls there when the end time happened, many of those will be chaotic and in need of some cleansing. I just wanted to add other options to add some life to the discussion, I do think this is the easy way out with win win for GW though. Of course done by someone with actual knowledge on the matter.