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The old world is at the core of his realm is it not? It has all souls there when the end time happened, many of those will be chaotic and in need of some cleansing. I just wanted to add other options to add some life to the discussion, I do think this is the easy way out with win win for GW though. Of course done by someone with actual knowledge on the matter.
Just have Nagash wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Or the End Times were the dream of a disabled kid.

(Bonus points if you can name those shows).

Anyhow, GW can bend time and space to come up with a reason for the Old World to exist. Simplest: The End Times happened to a parallel world created when the gates collapsed or Cthulhu sneezed.

One need not overthink the rationale, the essence of the thing is the game itself.

GW is missing the market share from having a ranked game and we used to go on and on about why that was. The new management likely believes that blowing the whole product line up was a mistake and that there's a profitable way to support the most popular armies.