Thanks! Can't find out the current size of their warehouse. The middle article mentions them needing to tear down some old offices and manufacturing.

Their latest half year report states it's to keep up with the increased sales.

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I don't think I said "good" or "better," just different.

And it is different, no question about it. Whether it's better remains to be seen.

GW clearly has the capacity to support a skirmish and mass battle game because they did it for years. Indeed, at one point that they had the entire LotR line which was a skirmish game which while never going full Warhammer, had some impressive kits that surely cut into production capacity.

Rules have never been a strong suit, but here again, GW has decades of data to use when cutting-and-pasting their next issue.

Lots of people have seen the potential to do this for years. Indeed, GW could also support a 40k Retro line if they wanted to.

It's all a question of what management wants. Clearly the market has shown it will eat whatever GW dishes out, which is pretty unique.

That's why I don't think we'll ever see a price cut. I just checked and a squad of tactical marines (I think, they changed all the names) is $60. Six dollars per figure. I remember when they went from one to three dollars, and I thought that was steep. So now its double that.

Game's still going strong, and it looks like they have two sub games as well, Apocalypse and Kill Team. So why not a Fantasy Apocalypse?

One thing that makes me think GW won't do a ranked combat system is the effect it would have on the other lines.

GW clearly thinks in terms of entry cost. They want customers to drop about $200 to get started. That seems to cover most of their "battle forces" plus some extras.

The model count for that is ludicrously low for a mass-battle game. To get back to even 5th ed. unit sizes (where infantry tended to max out at 16-20 models and 12-model units weren't uncommon), it would cost a prohibitive amount of money at current prices.

Even if they drop the cost relative to 40k, a regimental boxed set would still be $100, more if it's cavalry or something special.

If they give a volume discount to make the game more attractive, that would put downward pressure on AoS.

With this additional information, I'm thinking it won't happen.

Indeed, it seems to me that nuking the Old World makes more sense now, because the relative cheapness of Fantasy models and the ability to fairly easily convert some into 40k thanks to the multi-part kits was seen as a weakness which has now been eliminated.

I'd love to be wrong, though.
My mistake, just me projecting the hype you read often. It does seem prices are now in alignment per miniature. Value for money left the building ages ago if you ask me. Not only did prices go up, parts went down as well and with digital design I see some very lazy moves on new miniatures.

The latest chaos barbarians:

While you see some small variations, they basically all are wearing the same outfit. A lot of that is done procedural and is no effort at all. Then someone did a scratch here and there, resized a bone and so on. Sure weapons differ and the miniatures as well, but once you have the basic assets that's also just digital magic and done fast.
Good faces on these though, just to stop with something positive.