I found this list somewhere on the internet something like a year ago. It was titled "Names of the Deathwing and their Translations". I've read the "Deathwing" novel, and states the first name is a marine's official name upon joining the Deathwing, while the second one is his name before, when he was a tribesman. However, the names given in that novel do not match the ones below.

Does anyone know where this list is from and to what campaign/mission/event it applies?

Even if nobody knows, I think the names are cool and may serve as inspiration to DA players/writers.

Here's the list:

Akkad (Stone Heart)
Ezekiel (Razor Wing)
Azrael (Weasel Fierce)
Sergio (Lame Bear)
Aradiel (Two Tongues)
Conrad (Bloody Moon)
Lionus (Long Spear)
Gabriel (Fire Walker)
Gideon (Hawk Talon)
Marcus (Lonely Hunter)
Lucius (Stalking Death)
Matthias (Red Fox)
Raphael (Grey Mane)
Nathaniel (Wind Runner)
Pluvius (Blood Blade)
Octavius (Swift Wing)
Antonius (Flying Eagle)
Caliban (Iron Fist)
Claudius (Red Crow)
Adonai (Stone Hand)
Uriel (Great Bear)
Sammael (Doom Walker)
Vicconius (Laughing Sun)
Saphon (Pale Crow)
Malloc (Rain Bringer)
Amael (Spirit Runner)
Bethor (Snarling Bear)