Well, I guess I have to start another of these things, since my latest steps into the world of miniature games doesn't really fit into my other plogs.

I have now reached the age there its expected to start playing historical games for real (WW2 is just borderline, or the gateway period ).

I have always been interested in history, even planned to become a history teacher and studied at university with this as my end goal, but life didn't turn out that way, I sort of got derailed and ended up following another path in life, but the interest have always been there in the background, or dormant is maybe a more fitting word.

What have put me of historical gaming in the past is the daunting prospect of painting the amount of miniatures required, so when Warlord Games started to push for a new game called SPQR, which is a skirmish game in the roman times, my interest peaked, and since the starting box came with a s**t-load of minis for a not to hefty price-tag I just could resist any longer.

I haven't really played the game yet, not more than a couple of small tests to get the basics down, but from that I think its going to be a game I will enjoy playing as well as creating warband for.

The box came with couple of units of caesarian roman legionaries, a host of gallic warriors, some gallic archer as well as leaders for both fractions as well, and I got a couple of add-ons directly as well, such as a scorpio for the romans and wardogs for the gauls.

This game will also force me to get into building terrain, as this is really important in this kind of game, and the majority of my terrain is either fantasy or WW2, so there is new things to do in the future.

I have started out with a unit of legionaries. I know that the signifier and the cornicen probably should have the smaller round shields, but rule of cool won in this case, and they ended up with a regular scutum. These models are from Warlord Games.

And I just had to give some of the gauls a go as well, I almost always start out with a few test models whenever I get into a project.

So this is the start of a unit of gallic warriors, still missing a couple of warriors as well as a hornblower and standardbearer, but still its a start. Also Warlord Games minis.

And some archers

And since I'm a big animal lover , I tend to get wardogs whenever I can, or I tend to be unable not to get them rather, this was pretty much inevitable.