Hi all,

With the coming of 2020 I have been revising my projects, both active and for the future.

I'm autistic and tend to get overloaded easily, at the same time I have a tendency to start projects that are much bigger than I can complete without crashing. So, for the coming year I have put everything else On Hold, to start something new...well... return to a project idea I have tried, without success, a few times. Each time, I have struggled to nail down my idea before starting...but now I think I have it sussed. So, without further waffle I present the...

Inspired by this excellent Lindybeige video my plan is to create a platoon...but...I am officially not placing any further pressure on myself.

This is likely to be a slow burn project with no goals and the freedom to pick other minis to paint up. Now, I do have one other project I will be working on alongside this* and to help prevent overload I plan to flit between them as my desire takes me.

*Age of Bronze - This project is bigger but much more of a personal project. It is a small skirmish game I am creating set in early Bronze Age Britain. It's just for kicks really.