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    Chimera-class Troop Transport

    While warpstorms are engulfing the galaxy, splitting it asunder, isolating complete sectors, some others have lessened. One of those had been isolating the forgeworld of Chimera for millenia. Now, with contact with the imperium reestablished, it has begun to supply it again.

    Chimera is most notable for the transport ships they produce, and the Astra militarum has quickly seized it as a means to quickly insert large amounts of troops in any situation. As they are highly modular, and void capable, they can be adapted to almost any situation: from lightly armed with a small complement for system patrols, to heavily armed and capable of transporting even a baneblade into the midst of a battle.


    So, with that fluff out of the way, I'm starting a project log. I printing the chimera kickstarter ( currently, and figured this might be something others would want to see. I'm mostly printing the base version, with some of the adjustments: as it has vtol engines, I am not putting in the internal engines. So, the rear access airlock got a ramp. The nose got a front airlock, and the bridge will be raised, to give it both the blocky 40k look, and to have more transport capability. It has two turrets on the bottom, and will get a couple more big turrets on top. It. Also will have some broadside lascannons. The nice part is that it all snaps together with special printed clips, which hold the weight pretty good.

    It'll have the transport capability of several squads, plus some leman russ or chimera tanks. I'm not printing the even larger plus variant, as my printer is not big enough to print the structural parts for that in its entirety all at once. Maybe once I get an xl printer. [emoji14]

    Below are some pictures. More will follow as I print it. And after that.. Painting this beast.
    The first parts, laid out as to how it will end up.

    Advancing a bit. No floor yet. Bike and speeder for scale.

    Same scene, different angle, to show the size somewhat.

    Now with a floor and structural parts! Thunder wolf for scale.

    And now, it's all put together.

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