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    Scratchbuilt Armored Company Blog (Paper)

    *All templates for the scratchbuilt vehicles in this thread can be found int he following link:*


    Since the 2ed Imperial Guard Codex I have been interested in an Armored Company. It was in this revered tome that they laid out the organization for such a unit.

    With the recent publication of the rules online I decided now was the time to strike. The only problem was that I had no money. After looking at the list I decided that my dream could be accomplished, and for less than $5 dollars using cardstock paper, straws, and assorted found materials.

    Here is what I started with:

    I colored some templates in using the bog standard paint program. I stayed with grey scale only, as the printer I had access to was a laser printer and only had greyscale printing capabilities. I am positive someone with better tools and computer skills could make these things very impressive.

    Here is a WIP:

    With a scissors, glue, and a boxcutter I managed to make it this far. The above picture is after cutting up 2 and half pieces of cardstock.

    Here is another WIP:

    This is all of the basic pieces put together without any of the accessory pieces put in place.
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