I’m a big fan of author John Ringo, and Love the BTR series. For those who ain’t read it it’s a more realistic Zombie Apocalypse series. One of the main characters is Faith “She Wolf” Smith. In the last book of the series she gets an M1 Abrams, and her Marines “Pimp the Tank”. Well a couple of months ago a guy posts a picture of an Abrams he had printed, with pink filament, on the John Ringo Facebook fan page. Yes I’m a fan boy, lol. So I contacted him and showed him a few pictures of my work and offered to paint it for him. He agreed and printed a second , roughly 28mm Abrams as well as 5 15mm for me. So over the next few weeks/months I’m gonna be painting the tanks and She Wolf her own self. He plans to keep one for himself and hopefully get it autographed by Ringo at a Con, when we can have them again, and present the second one to Ringo as a gift.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe the PL will inspire some of ya to read the books. They really are great!