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Thread: 1000 chapter project - new home

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    1000 chapter project - new home

    I've updated and moved the 1000 chapter project to a new home:

    While putting the links back in for each and every chapter, I noticed many had disappeared from the net. All told, we lost 119 DIY chapters! The enemies of the Imperium has cost us dear. This is tragic as many of them we really good, some with painted armies, all lost to us. Read more here.

    Best wishes,

    Philip Sibbering

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    Re: 1000 chapter project - new home

    Thanks for the update on the new home. Same that some chapters were lost in the void. Hopefully, I will add mine to this as well once I get it fleshed out.
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    Re: 1000 chapter project - new home

    Glad to see that you're still alive, Philip.

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