This little 'blog' will be for a Squat army that is made up of my own sculpts and casts. At the moment, I only have a few miniatures but am planning on putting together a command platoon (for starters) which is made up of:

1x Company Commander
1x Commissar
1x Command Squad
1x Ratling Sniper Squad
2x Infantry Squad

I haven't decided on how they will be transported or supported... but I want everything to be my own work... so this could be the start of something big and protracted.

Enough blabbing on... Here's all the Squat miniatures painted so far :

I decided that I'd find a place in this army for an existing unit, a small unit of Ratling Snipers :

I've painted the bases so they now match those of the Squats.

That's it for now.