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@ Armholeeio - The last Army medic I encountered was on detachment in Kenya. It was the middle of the night and the end of the tent opened and it stirred me from sleep. I wondered what the hell was going on so I looked up from my pod to see a very shapely, female, bottom with the skimpiest of thongs... needless to say, a very tired medic had arrived to crash in the pod next to me ! I must admit that most of the other medics didn't make such a memorable entrance as that ! I'm sure that the medic I make, will A) NOT have a thong and B) will satisfy the criteria of being a medic .
We had a lot of good lasses in the unit and some of them in a thong would have required a good dose of eye bleach, cracking on the **** but yeah a 15 Pinter and maybe 4 viagra’s before there was anything moving. I have picked a old squat up from eBay, RT era and a FW squat up, so a medic will be purchased when ready to slot in my neglected IG unit. (Really need to pull my finger out and get my stuff uploaded. I have a old post somewhere but I may start afresh it be easier, oh and then there’s the 30k, some random AT, and the necron stuff, problem of hobby butterflying and lack of time, or a boy that refuses to take a nap)