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No not a fan. IG all the way. That said great figures. I do like the sniper. The start of some new figures perhaps.
I get that . Chaos isn't normally for me but I felt I'd put some of the old Chaos Dwarf types together... just for a bit of a palate cleanser. I'm only putting together a small squad and it's just for me (rather than the usual project) .

The sniper was requested by Macrocosm to finish off all of the special weapon choices for the Astra Militarum... I wouldn't have bothered, myself... because I use Ratling snipers but seeing as it was requested, I sorted one out .

I have a musician on the cork, at the moment... I guess he could be used as comms or a standard bearer . Hopefully, that one will get picked up as well. I still plan on a squad of five Squats with bolt pistol/axe combination but I am enjoying a bit of ACTUAL hobby time at the moment, rather than hobby/work time so they will arrive when they arrive .

I have my Chaos Ogryn bodyguard, a chaos standard bearer and then a secret chaos conversion to finish and that will be me back to the Imperial fold in earnest . The secret conversion will take a while so it will be worked on while doing other things. Apart from the Chaos bits, I have a commission sculpt that needs to be worked on but that's a single miniature that, once I get to grips with it, will take a fairly short amount of time to finish.

To be honest... I'm enjoying a bit of painting at the moment and the convert then paint approach has worked very favourably for me .