Cheers .

I'm sorry to say that news on Kickstarters is something I have no access to. Chris runs the production and sales so he'll put the things up that he wants, when he wants to.

Heavy weapon teams aren't something I'm too bothered about. The heavy weapon guys can have a lasgunner with them, on a single base, to act as a team. At some point, I may think about a mortar but that's three miniatures for one base... so I would be averse to making different versions with headswaps so it would be up to the buyer to customise... but you never know... I can be fickle sometimes .

In other news... here's a WIP of the three junior officers that I am currently working on. Most of the 'boring' bit is done now so it's on to the interesting stuff :

Once there is an officer, all I'll need is a standard bearer and medic and all the basic slots for infantry will be filled .