So... I'm still waiting for the last of the casts to be sent... two months and counting now. The caster has damaged himself so I am having to be patient... which is difficult, even knowing the reasons for the delay.

I think that this is why I have struggled to get any hobby stuff done because I am poised to start preparing and painting the casts when the arrive (I am also going to be sorting out all the units etc...).

Hopefully, I'll get them soon because my drought continues... however... the other day, I decided to start work on a secret little project (just for fun) and in the process, I had waste putty that needed using so I converted myself . What I mean is that I converted a miniature to be me . It'll count as an advisor for the Air Force (I'm a veteran of the RAF):

The secret project will be presented, once it has been finished ... it's just a bit of fun though so don't expect miracles .