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Thread: The Fall of Medusa V

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    The Fall of Medusa V

    Greetings Warseers!

    Does anyone happen to have the Dispatches from the Hydra Sector (US) from the Fall of Medusa V Campaign...oh so long ago? The battle report parts that GW posted following each week, looking for the Imperial Guard ones in particular.

    I know it is a long shot, but thanks in advance!

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    Re: The Fall of Medusa V

    As far back as 2010 there seemed to be no way to access most of the battlezone reports unfortunately.

    I don't know if the faction updates were different by region (I'm guessing not?), but you can get to the Imperial Guard section, which I originally got to via Edethor.

    There is a menu on the left of the screen which you can only see if you highlight the text or mouse over the links, which will take you to other factions and a few other pages. (The text in each of the individual updates is also white text on white background, so you have to highlight it to see it).

    I archived most of the Necron material and a good portion of the Edethor updates years ago, but much of the content seems to have been lost to time. If you find a way to change the region while clicking around let me know!
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    Re: The Fall of Medusa V

    I had found my way to there as well. I am not able to find a way to switch regions, I spent a few hours last night trying real hard though! I was hoping someone had copied the data...If I get this solved, I will report back!

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    Re: The Fall of Medusa V

    Using the wayback machine might be an option, though it isn't always reliable. I'm sure there are a few places to access it through.

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