I've just started a new plog (see my sig) where I'm building a couple of warbands for Age of Heroes and I decided to make a few changes to the rules...

Beasts can no longer use wargear so no giving a beast a shield for +1 to their Armour Roll

The biggest change is to Infected which is a tad powerful as you basically get 2 upgrades for the price of one with no downside. So, I had a think and decided to change it to a warband upgrade:

Infected A player may decide to use two upgrades to create an Infected warband and so all models in the warband gain the Infected upgrade. Infected models are Hard to Kill but not exactly the best fighters so they suffer -1 to their Fight Roll and may not shoot. In addition, if an enemy is removed as a casualty from a Fight attack by this model, roll a D6 and on 5+ they turn and are controlled by the Infected player. Now Infected, they have only 1 Health but keep all existing upgrades, though they canít shoot.

I think this balances Infected a bit more as it gives a downside, being less effective in melee, but frees up some upgrades which prevents players having to spend all their upgrades just to make an Infected warband.