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    Re: Age of Heroes - FREE Wargame Rules

    So I have been playing about with the Age of Heroes booklet and have uploaded a revised version. Mostly its a bit of text polishing but I also tweaked the stats a little for shooting & fighting. I've included a couple of extra wargear options too so players can build a more melee orientated warband as I'd really like to try these rules with my as yet unbuilt Forgotten World minis.

    I've also uploaded a Warband Roster, just check the first post for the updates.

    Now, to give an idea of what can be done with Age of Heroes I thought I'd share a Marine Warband I've built and an Ork Warband I'm thinking of building...

    The Orks uses upgrades from the Age of Heroes booklet while the Marines uses the Obscure & Piercing Grenades upgrades from the Age of Heroes Extra booklet I am working on; this will be another 4 page booklet, this time with a page of extra rules / detail, a couple of pages of scenarios and finally a page of more upgrades. One of the extra rules will cover making smaller warbands, so you trade in a Warrior or more for an extra upgrade each time...that's why the the three marines have seven upgrades between them. It all still WIP so once these are built up I can try them out.

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