Hi there Warseer,
This is my first attempt on a project log, as I'm trying to build, convert and paint my almost ten years old Warriors of Chaos army (back in the Old World I used to field these poor guys partly assembled, grey and barely glued to the bases, shame on me ).

I own a huge amount of plastic kits which lay in a closet still on sprue, a lot of metal models waiting hopelessly for the blade of an hobby knife to take care of them, a massive bits box willingly to inspire me weird conversions, so I felt that time has finally come.

The quarantine we must fulfill here in Italy is a huge help for my constant lack of time, and I feel like offering Nurgle some fresh worshippers will protect my family from disease.

I'll post some bad photos of what I've painted so far.

Marauder Horsemen
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Not a lot to say: I tried some freehand on the banner and the tatoo on the marauders. I loved these models and I have 20 more to assemble and paint. I plan to slightly convert them in marked units, one for each god.

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I had this big guy laying primed in a box for literally years. He was completely covered in dust, so I had to clean him underwater before starting to paint.
I love how this model is full of details yet has a very simple and rough shape. I really like the small creatures which comb the Shaggoth hair, but i'm really not satisfied with how I painted them.

Chaos giant
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The original plan with this big one was to cut a hole in his belly and sculpt some tentacles with green stuff and some claws, as if he had a mutant mouth on him. But I was possessed by the urge to get him painted, and I know myself, if I had indulged in that project, then I would never have finished him. So I coated the giant with Barbarian Flesh Army Painter undercoat which was a pain to paint on. I troubled to get a dirty and sick colour for the skin, but I'm pretty happy with the result considering this was the first model I painted since more than ten years.

Dragon ogres
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Sorry for the bad photo, I'll take more and better as soon as my daughter will wake up from sleeping an my legs. Those bad guys were very challenging for my poor painting skills. The scales on their backs were hard and the skin was difficult to achieve. It took to me ten days to paint them, as I tent to modify them a lot. Then I had to stop and move on something else. They maybe could not be perfect as I wished, but i think they will not be bad on a battlefield when I'll field them again.

Khorne Knights
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These are the horses from a convert unit of five that I built time ago. They are obviously WIP and the three different colur schemes were tests. I opted for a blend of bone armour and red, but I'm seeking suggestions.
Those guys paint the horse armour bone-ish so that blood from their enemies will be more evident. Once a plate of armour is totally covered in blood, they paint that plate red. Once they achieve a wonderful and outstandung slaughter they get the privilege to paint a plate black. So far only the champion, Squartatore, got this privilege.

As I was painting this army I understood that I needed some place to display painted miniatures to avoid damage and to stare at it without having to unbox carefully each of them. So I built a display board out of a wood board I had lying around, and I am pretty happy with how it came out. You can se that in the dragon ogres photo, but I will post more. I need to add a plexiglass in the front part to prevent dust covering miniatures.

Once I've completed the Knights I wish to paint Valkia and Scyla Anfingrimm, two models which I love. Then I will probably start building and converting a unit of 18 Nurgle warriors and then I'd like to build a marauder unit for Wulfrick the Wanderer. I have an idea of a movement tray shaped like the ethereal ship that brings Wulfrick around the world, but we'll see...

I hope to get a lot of criticism and suggestion on what I've done, I really want to improve my painting and I always like to have ideas from other people.
And not being an English speaker, I'd really appreciate any correction on my poor writing so I can be more understendable in the posts to come.

Thank you, stay tuned!
Ciao, Luca